Tomato serum Push, liquid concentrate, by Heiko Antoniewicz - 250 ml - can

Tomato serum Push, liquid concentrate, by Heiko Antoniewicz

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Completely new is this tomato serum, which is made as a concentrate of tomatoes matured to the point and gently reduced. Here, the natural glutamic acids contained in the tomatoes are highly concentrated. The Tomato Serum Push potentiates the natural taste of the basic products with fresh, sour and intense notes of tomatoes and completes dishes. Reducing Tommatensugo for hours eliminates this. Dosage: few drops are enough from 0,4 - 1,2%, for example to round off 1 liter of broth one teaspoon of tomato serum is enough. Applications: Perfect with pasta, dark and light sauces, lettuce, vegetables and soups - bound or clear.

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