Liquid Flavor, by Heiko Antoniewicz - 250 ml - bottle

Liquid Flavor, by Heiko Antoniewicz

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250 ml bottle   € 25,07 *
(€ 10,03 / 100 ml)
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Liquid Flavor is a liquid spice made with natural components. It enhances and enhances the flavor of the food, supports the 5th taste of umami and also produces in the mouth the sensation of Kokumi (Japanese word for full-bodied) or mouth-filling. Natural flavor enhancers are found in almost all foods and have a long tradition. For example, the soy or fish sauce of the Asian cuisine or the Garum of the Romans. The lycopene contained in our formulations (naturally contained in high amounts in, for example, tomatoes) also serves as an antioxidant and radical scavenger. Dosage: for pleasure Use: universally applicable Â- from hearty to sweet and for every kind of kitchen and cooking technique; It is suitable for baking, including bread. optimizes flavor harmonies of meat and fish kitchens The salt content in the food can be reduced to a considerable extent.

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