Edelbrand - fine plum brandy, 40% vol., Eberle - 350 ml - bottle

Edelbrand - fine plum brandy, 40% vol., Eberle

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350 ml bottle   € 13,92 *
(€ 39,77 / l)
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The domestic, late-ripening house-fencing is excellently suited for producing high-quality brandies due to its full-fruity aroma and high sugar content. In professional circles it is considered to be the best burning plum. The plums are carefully pitted, mashed and fermented with specialty yeasts. Subsequent gentle distillation with strict separation of pre-emergence, medium and post-fermentation guarantees the finest plum aroma. An intense scent of fully ripe plums and a pronounced fullness of flavor with a gentle full-bodied finish make this brand, not only for lovers, irresistible.

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