Ventresca - belly meat from yellowfin tuna, Spain - 115 g - can

Ventresca - belly meat from yellowfin tuna, Spain

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115 g (84)  can   € 11,34 *
(€ 13,50 / 100 g)
PU-purchase 25 x 115 g (84)  can to each   € 11,00 *
Last date of minimum durability: 31.12.2025    Up to Ø 1820 days from date of shipment.  ?

The yellowfin tuna is one of the finest edible fish. The tuna belly is particularly tender and captivates with its juicy aroma. Delicately buttered and juicy in olive oil. Already when opening the can you can see the great care and manual work that is used in production: The pieces are largely intact and the structure of the meat is very easy to see. Ideal as a salad, for small tapas or just a little Flor de Sal and pepper.

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