Savory snacks and snacks

  • Savory Snacks All Italia

    Bontà Lucane, Basilicata.

    The dry, crisp savory biscuits from southern Italy is very authentic. It is simple and delicious, perfect for wine.

  • Savory Snacks All Italia

    Viani, Italy.

    Here one thinks of the same relaxed aperitif, a beer or glass of wine with friends, when you bite into the crumbly, crunchy Quadrotti with Italian flavors. Uncomplicated and authentic they are pleasant companions towards the end of a day. Tarallini are so original that they necessarily belong in this line.

  • Cheese pastry of Fine Cheese Company, Somerset

    Toast for Cheese.

    From such a document, everyone dreams cheese. The toasts are generously provided with nuts, fruits and seeds.

  • Piadine and bruschette

    Vincenzi, Veneto.

    Ideal for the surprise visit: bag on a cream or tomato on it - done.

  • Cheese pastry of Fine Cheese Company, Somerset

    Cheese crackers.

    Packaged in charming bags are the crackers were baked with various cheeses. What is missing is the right drink.

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