• pastry

    Antica Torroneria Piemontese, Piedmont

    Baci di Dama means ladies kisses. The two layers above and below are brittle and in between lies a delicious chocolate cream.

  • pastry

    Pasticceria Marabissi, Tuscany

    The pastries Tuscany finely packaged like chocolates. Their size they have, there are mini editions of Traditionsbiscotti.

  • pastry

    Viani Alimentari, Italy

    A clear view of the contents and a good price-performance ratio characterize the Viani Alimentari brand. In Italy in everyday life, the good pastries should not be missed.

  • pastry

    Moriondo, Piedmont

    1798 Francesco Moriondo invented this Amaretti from apricot kernels and almonds. They are soft and airy. Now there is a display for the loose biscuits.

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