Dessert Base - Panna Cotta Base, Elle and Vire - 1 l - Tetra-pack

Dessert Base - Panna Cotta Base, Elle and Vire

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It could not be easier and better. The Normandie Elle and Vire dairy specialist offers a liquid panna cotta preparation, entirely in the Italian tradition. Fine taste of fresh cream and aromatic vanilla combined in a smooth melting texture and excellent stability. The panna cotta can be dyed, flavored and formed. She also keeps her shape in the company of fruits, coulis and caramel sauce. The result is always sensationally creamy and creamy. Preparation: Allow contents to slowly liquefy. Bring to a boil once, fill up, min. Let cool for 3 hours, done. Mixed with vegetarian gelatine (item 22256) a Panna Cotta foil could be made. Fill them with eg strawberry mousse.

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