Massenez Eau-de-Vie Coing Prestige, Quince, 43% vol., Alsace - 700 ml - bottle

Massenez Eau-de-Vie Coing Prestige, Quince, 43% vol., Alsace

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700 ml bottle   € 35,62 *
(€ 50,89 / l)

The hard-fleshed fruit of the quince is only suitable when fully ripe for the production of noble distillates. The beginnings of the Massenez distillery go back to the post-Napoleonic era of the 1870s, when Jean-Baptiste Massenez started a home distillery in Urbeis, Alsace, in the Valee de Ville. Thus, he opened the door to his son Eugene Massenez. He not only inherited his Brennrecht, but also all his knowledge, which he used to become a recognized master distiller himself. It really started in the 1950s with Gabriel Eugene. He established his fires in the then Michelin-starred top gastronomy, including Bocuse, Verger, Troisgros, Lameloise, Haeberlin, etc. Thus Massenez became a fixture in France`s best restaurants. Today Mr. Bernard Baud successfully manages the Massenez distillery in Alsace along with Manou Massenez and Elodie Naslin.

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