Baked Apple Liqueur, Eberle, 20% vol. - 350 ml - bottle

Baked Apple Liqueur, Eberle, 20% vol.

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350 ml bottle   € 11,53 *
(€ 32,94 / l)
PU-purchase 6 x 350 ml bottle to each   € 11,18 *

A highly aromatic apple liqueur is refined with macerates of raisins, cinnamon and vanilla and cardamom to create this wintry composition. A scent of fully ripe apples, roasted aromas and wintry pastries rises into the nose, on the palate soothing and flattering - a wintry delight! Enjoy this aromatic liqueur hot or cold, refine winter apple pies, or give your tea on cold winter evenings a particularly warming note.

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