Oils from Umbria / Italy

Oils from Umbria / Italy
  • Bartolini olive oil

    Umbria, Italy

    In the company no one can remember, since when we work together with the family Bartolini from Umbria. They and their products take so long a firm place in Viani assortment. We swear by the excellent olive oil of the farm, perched like a small fortress in the midst of ancient olive trees. 1850 built Antonio Bertolini the first oil mill which was still driven by the power of animals. Today, in the 6th generation, produces a modern mill in a continuous process a maximum of 12 hours after the manual harvest flawless from the olives, excellent olive oils.
    All family members are part of the complex world of work a farm. All decisions are made jointly, so to speak, in the kitchen Parliament. The kitchen table where all eat together, is the communication center. In addition to the oil production father Emilio, children and relatives have taken in recent years, reaching decisions that affect the Umbrian deeply peasant food production. You now also grow legumes and valuable cereals such as spelled and produce pasta.
    Umbrian lentils are popular throughout Italy. They are particularly fine and nutty flavor. Bartolini they build over 1000m above sea level. NN on. Many dishes revolve around the small legumes, such as the traditional Christmas dinner Zampone, salted pigs trotters, with lenses or the classic Umbrian lentil soup. Legumes and spelled are traditional foods in Umbria and were often the main food of the peasants. From Dinkel, in Italian Farro, the famous Umbrian spelled soup is cooked, as well as flour for making pasta Spelt is popular.
    The Bartolini family deeply rooted in their rural traditions and their family history. You see them more in the olive groves and fields as in the office, but the most reliable place to meet them is the kitchen.

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  • Bartolini olive oil, Umbria, Italy

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