Sosa Paste - Peanut, 100% - 1 kg - Pe-dose

Sosa Paste - Peanut, 100%

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1 kg Pe-dose   € 18,21 *
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PU-purchase 6 x 1 kg Pe-dose to each   € 17,66 *
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The pure peanut paste from Sosa is made only from peanuts gently. The company Sosa is known for its high-quality tools for Patisserie in Spain for several generations. In their assortment you will find excellent nut Marks, freeze-dried fruit and fruit powder, flavoring essence oils, powdered milk products, basic materials for ice cream and sorbets, but also texturizer for molecular cuisine. Sosa products are used in almost all the top restaurants and -Patisserien in Spain and supported the company and promotes the renowned patisserie school EspaiSucre in Barcelona.

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