Polenta -Rosso del Ticino, wholegrain corn semolina - 500 g - bag

Polenta -Rosso del Ticino, wholegrain corn semolina

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500 g bag   € 10,34 *
(€ 20,68 / kg)
PU-purchase 10 x 500 g bag to each   € 10,03 *
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The red corn Rosso del Ticino is an old, local variety of Ticino. In view of its excellent properties, it was reintroduced for the production of Polenta Tagries. Pro Specie Rara (Swiss Foundation for the Preservation of Genetic Diversity) found the original seeds in the 70`-80` years in old people who cultivated this variety for their needs. Since 2004, Rosso del Ticino has been grown again for the marketing of Polentagriess. The name Rosso refers to the red color of the corn cobs. The polenta itself is yellow with red spots.

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