Fresh oysters - Gillardeau M4 (Crassostrea gigas), a ca.75g - 12 pc - wooden box

Fresh oysters - Gillardeau M4 (Crassostrea gigas), a ca.75g

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12 pc wooden box   € 37,35 *
(€ 3.112,50 / kg)

From the side of the Ile dOleron facing La Rochelle comes an absolutely top class oyster - the Gillardeau. It is a deep oyster and belongs to the genus Portugaises. Above all, however, it is a Special de Claires and thus a quality level above the well-known Fine de Claires. The size is M4 (approx. 75g gross), but larger copies are also available, e.g. for baking. The difference to other oysters is already apparent after opening, because you have probably never seen an oyster that is so full, ie has such a pronounced flesh body. This is thanks to a special alga that is only found in this area. Experience what delicacy an oyster can be ...

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