Pastificio dei Campi - No.25 Tofette, small mussel, Pasta di Gragnano IGP - 500 g - box

Pastificio dei Campi - No.25 Tofette, small mussel, Pasta di Gragnano IGP

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The Gragnanopasta of the Pastificio dei Campi is unique in aroma, taste and texture. Discover the best of Italian durum wheat at the first bite. This extraordinary pasta, which stays al dente in cooking, is the result of a selection of the best raw materials and a slow production process, based on manual work, where every detail is taken care of. That`s why pasta products from Pastifico dei Campi also bear the IGP prefix. The IGP is a quality seal that guarantees the origin and origin of the product. In the case of Gragnanopasta, it also testifies to a centuries-old tradition. In Gragnano, the existence of factories for the production of dry pasta has been documented since the 16th century. The art of making pasta has been passed on for generations, to this day. What conditions does a pasta have to fulfill in order to be called Gragnanopasta IGP? Above all, the Gragnanopasta IGP must be made exclusively from durum wheat flour and water from the local groundwater table. The reason for this is found in the low-lime composition of the water, which is typical of this region and has always contributed to the quality of the pasta. Production must take place within the municipality of Gragnano. Discover the Gragnanopasta of the Pastificio dei Campi, the best of times and the first pasta traceable from the field to the plate.

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