Brandy distillates Massenez

finest spirits since 1870

Brandy distillates Massenez
  • Distillery Massenez

    History of Massenez

    The birth of the Massenez distillery dates back to the 1870s, when Jean-Baptiste Massenez began as a home distiller in Urbeis in the Vallee de Ville. Jean-Baptiste Massenez unknowingly opened the way for his descendants, who would inherit the status of home burner: his son Eugene Massenez inherited not only the privilege, but also the expertise of his father and became a recognized master distiller himself.
    In 1913, Eugene Massenez became the leader in the first distillation of wild raspberries, and this was a phenomenal success.
    Massenez and fine French gastronomy
    Nevertheless, the Massenez distillery only really took off in the third generation in the 1950s with Gabriel Eugène Massenez. Both pioneer and visionary, Gabriel decided to think big and develop his brand for fine dining.
    The high quality of his products allowed him access to the great Michelin starred chefs of the time such as Bocuse, Verger, Troisgros, Lameloise, Haeberlin, Blanc ... and some fine restaurants such as La Tour d`Argent, Maximes, Lenotre EUR Short Massenez has become a fixture in large French restaurants and a must for the gastronomy.

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  • Distillery Massenez

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