Flowers and leaves dried extract

Refine with individual spice notes

Flowers and leaves dried extract Refine with individual spice notes

Eucalyptus leaves, hibiscus, jasmine, orange blossom, rose petals, flower mix, etc.

  • Edible flowers

    Many edible flowers are suitable for decoration. With others you refine your recipes and get a new taste experience. You can eat a variety of flowers, but should always be paid to a biological rearing. Therefore, flowers should not be used by the florist due to pesticide treatment. Among other things, are such as borage, fennel, daisy, jasmine, nasturtium, cornflower, dandelion (raw only the petals or buds), mallow, marjoram, lemon balm, mint, rose, marigold, sage, thyme, violet, and zucchini flowers in the Kitchen versatile.

  • Dried flowers of Wendland

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  • Use of Essblüten

    Many ideas with colorful flowers

    Herbal salt with flowers: a gift that gives pleasure and is easily homemade. Simply mix the dried edible flowers with medium to coarse sea salt and pour into a glass. The edible flowers in the sea salt not only look good, they also turn your table into a summery eye-catcher.

    For decoration: With dried flowers refine simple dishes and make them a visual highlight. Try the flowers on rice or refine your desserts. For on quark or yogurt creations flowers are a great color combination.

    Chocolate gifts: Homemade pralines and chocolates are also a culinary spectacle when decorated with colorful flowers. Simply pour the melted and still liquid chocolate into chocolate or biscuit molds and then sprinkle with the various colorful flowers.

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