Pink pepper - Schinus berries, dried - 100 g - bag

Pink pepper - Schinus berries, dried

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Pink pepper carries its name wrongly, because it has no pepperiness but a mild, sweet aroma. It must not be confused with the rarely available ripe pepper fruits. Pink pepper does not have much to do with the actual pepper family. It is a member of the sumac family, including mango, cashew nut and pistachio. Originally native to Brazil and Peru, the Schinus pepper tree is today also used as a shrub in Mediterranean countries. The taste of the berries is sweet and aromatic, similar to juniper, which is also suitable as a substitute. In mildly spicy foods, such as asparagus or fish, pink pepper can develop very well visually and in terms of taste.

100 g bag
1 kg bag
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Pink pepper - Schinus berries, dried - 1 kg - bag