Manitol (mannitol), sugar substitute, Texturas Ferran Adria, E 421 - 700 g - can

Manitol (mannitol), sugar substitute, Texturas Ferran Adria, E 421

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700 g can   € 30,93 *
(€ 44,19 / kg)
PU-purchase 24 x 700 g can to each   € 30,00 *
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Manitol is an odorless crystalline polyol obtained from fructose, algae or mushroom sugars. It serves as a crystallization agent in a wide variety of preparations. For example, manitol gives fruits a solid, crystalline coating that looks like frozen or frozen. Compared to sucrose, manitol has a low sweetness (50-60%) and is therefore suitable as a sugar substitute (mannitol) for diabetics. However, its use is not suitable for keeping moisture in a preparation. Manitol is cold soluble, the powder dissolves even better when heated. Please be careful when processing: The product can get very hot!

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