Fizzy (effervescent), Texturas Ferran Adria - 300 g - can

Fizzy (effervescent), Texturas Ferran Adria

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300 g can   € 22,23 *
(€ 74,10 / kg)
PU-purchase 6 x 300 g can to each   € 21,56 *
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Fizzy - thick, elongated granules with a shower effect. Can be used directly, or dissolved in water. However, we also recommend the less common applications: dipped in chocolate or caramel, or ground into powder with other products such as fruits or sorbets. Fizzy is tasteless with slightly sour hints, which means it can be combined with an infinite variety of flavors and ingredients. Mix as a powder with Isomalt and bake in the oven. So you get a sparkling caramel.

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