Celluzoon (Cellulose), Biozoon, E 461 - 250 g - can

Celluzoon (Cellulose), Biozoon, E 461

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250 g can   € 22,59 *
(€ 9,04 / 100 g)
PU-purchase 10 x 250 g can to each   € 21,91 *
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Celluzoon® is a cellulose derivative E 461, which is made from vegetable fibers and tailor-made for the respective purpose. Unlike most gelling and thickening agents, it is only soluble in hot liquids and must be completely dissolved to ensure full functionality. B. to develop film or gelation. A complete solution can be recognized by its clarity and transparency. Turbid solutions should the turbidity not be due to the liquid used, so refrigerate overnight and stir gently before use. To avoid clumping in highly water-binding cellulose derivatives, the powder may also be stirred into a little hot water and then added to lukewarm liquid, then chilled as before and used after cooling. Celluzoon tolerates high salt concentrations and a wide pH range (acid-stable).

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