Calcic (calcium chloride), Texturas Ferran Adria, E 509 - 600 g - can

Calcic (calcium chloride), Texturas Ferran Adria, E 509

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600 g can   € 15,04 *
(€ 25,07 / kg)
PU-purchase 24 x 600 g can to each   € 14,59 *
Last date of minimum durability: 30.3.2023    Up to Ø 616 days from date of shipment.  ?

This calcium salt is commonly used in the food industry, for example in cheese making. Calcic is indispensable in the reaction with ALGIN, which causes the ball formation. Calcic is an ideal reaction partner due to its high solubility in water, the high calcium content and thus the high ball forming capacity. Properties: Granules. Highly water soluble. Great water absorbency.

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