Algin (Alginate), Texturas Ferran Adria, E 400 - 500 g - can

Algin (Alginate), Texturas Ferran Adria, E 400

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500 g can   € 58,10 *
(€ 116,20 / kg)
Last date of minimum durability: 30.6.2023    Up to Ø 696 days from date of shipment.  ?

Algin is a natural product made from brown algae. Depending on which part of the algae is used in the production of the algin, the texture and reactivity with CALCIC vary. An algin product was selected for this product, in which the sferification (technique for the production of spherical structures, for example melon caviar) takes place with guaranteed results. Properties: Refined powder. Gels in conjunction with CALCIC. The gelling power is reduced when stirring vigorously when cold. Algin does not need to be heated to achieve the desired effect.

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