Quince jelly - Dulce de Membrillo - 400 g - cup

Quince jelly - Dulce de Membrillo

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400 g cup   € 4,24 *
(€ 10,60 / kg)
PU-purchase 20 x 400 g cup to each   € 4,11 *
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Only while supplies last! Quinces are a local pome fruit, but rarely come on the table. Originally they came from Iran, Armenia and the Caucasus region. The yellow fruits can not be consumed raw and must be prepared. Traditionally they are canned as jelly, mush or as chutney. Quince are characterized by a very unique aroma and a high content of vitamins and minerals, especially of vitamin C and potassium. Carefully selected raw materials and careful processing guarantee the fruity taste of this jelly. Ideal as a spread, for baking or as an ideal complement to yoghurts, quark, ice cream or desserts.

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Quince jelly - Dulce de Membrillo - 400 g - cup