Ile Four Sake Pure - Junmai Gingo Premium, 16% vol. - 720 ml - Bottle

Ile Four Sake Pure - Junmai Gingo Premium, 16% vol.

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720 ml Bottle   € 28,44 *
(€ 39,50 / l)
PU-purchase 12 x 720 ml Bottle to each   € 27,59 *

The Junmai Ginjo behaves with regular sake like the single malt whiskey to blended whiskey. Two rice types with 45% polishing rate produce an especially pure sake in an intensive process, dry, low acidity and very complex. An elegant companion to meat, pasta and fish. Sake brewing is a serious business in Japan, carried out by quality master brewers in a lengthy crafting process. The brewers are proud of the quality of the in-house well water and the special rice varieties that are used for the production. The result is a product made like beer but with the consistency between wine and vodka. The purity of the raw materials and the traditional brewing process make the Ile Four Sake a drink with a smooth and complex taste.

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