Chanterelle - Trompettes de la Mort, Plantin - 50 g - PE can

Chanterelle - Trompettes de la Mort, Plantin

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50 g PE can   € 6,78 *
(€ 13,56 / 100 g)
PU-purchase 6 x 50 g PE can to each   € 6,58 *
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You have to scrutinize the deciduous forest floor, especially under beech and oak, in order to discover the well-camouflaged autumn trumpets. But the effort is definitely worth it! For in their spiciness they even surpass the delicious morel. Autumn trumpets are freshly harvested, deprived of water in a drying process. All mushroom connoisseurs agree: the cornucopia is virtually pre-destined for drying. Autumn trumpets are versatile, whether it`s for soups, sauces, vegetables, gravy, roast fillings, mushroom slices or breadcrumbs.

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