Soy sauce - Shoyu (Murasaki / purple), light, Shizen no Aji - 100 ml - bottle

Soy sauce - Shoyu (Murasaki / purple), light, Shizen no Aji

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In traditional restaurants, the term murasaki is used instead of shoyu. Murasaki means purple or violet. Not only is this a poetic paraphrase, but it also sounds more polite as it is an indirect phrase. Light purple is a light soy sauce typical of the Kansai region. However, light soy sauce is usually higher in salt content and therefore not suitable for final seasoning or raw consumption. Suehiro has developed this special Shoyu with a larger proportion of koji and therefore higher umami and natural sweetness. Very good for bringing out the natural flavor of the ingredients. Tofu salad, steak, roast beef and egg dishes. With mild rice vinegar and freshly ground pepper, great with dim sum and gyoza.

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