Gölles asparagus vinegar, 5% acidity - 5 l - Bag in box

Gölles asparagus vinegar, 5% acidity

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5 l Bag in box   € 91,54 *
(€ 18,31 / l)
PU-purchase 6 x 5 l Bag in box to each   € 88,79 *

Even the Greek physician Hippocrates (around 460 BC) has recognized the healing properties of asparagus. The latest vinegar creation of Gölles has an incomparable aroma, intense, fruit typical in the taste and with a pleasant, mild acidity. The vinegar is ideal with asparagus, fish, vegetables, Mediterranean cuisine and is versatile not only for asparagus time. It blends well with olive oil, thistle oil, sunflower oil and pumpkin seed oil. Also available as a 0.25 l bottle.

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