Purple Curry - Pickle Pickle, by Lisa Angermann - 280 g - Glass

Purple Curry - Pickle Pickle, by Lisa Angermann

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280 g (200)  Glass   € 6,42 *
(€ 3,21 / 100 g)
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Crunchy mini cucumbers paired with red onions. It is tasted with the finest purple curry, which due to its high hibiscus content brings in an intense sourish note. Perfect companion for burgers, hot dogs and sandwich topping, to greasy BBQ dishes as well as an insert for strong soups, such as. B. Soljanka or Borschtsch - or just to eat like that. Caution addictive! With great dedication, care and love the vegetables of THE TASTE 2017 winner will be exclusively handcrafted. When developing the recipes, it was particularly important to Lisa Angermann to create a perfect balance between sweetness and acidity combined with the best ingredients. Original taste and yet far from the pabulum. It will surprise you!

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