English clotted cream, firm cream cream, 56% fat - 28 g - Glass

English clotted cream, firm cream cream, 56% fat

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Clotted cream (also cream, with us the originals and best from the Devon company) is a kind of thick cream that is made from raw (unhomogenized and unpasteurized) cow`s milk. The milk is heated in flat pans and left to stand for several hours. During this time, the cream collects on the surface and forms clots. The taste of clotted cream is similar to that of mascarpone. Clotted cream is a specialty of the English counties of Devon and Cornwall, known for their dairy farming. It is eaten as part of cream tea with tea with scones and jam, primarily strawberry jam. It has a fat content of at least 55%, which corresponds to 94% fat in the dry matter. Cornish Clotted Cream is a protected designation of origin for cream, which is produced according to a traditional recipe in Cornwall. Clotted cream is also used to make specialties in the English southwest, such as fudge or ice cream.

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