Old time Zibärtle Plums Brand, 44% vol., Scheibel - 700 ml - bottle

Old time Zibärtle Plums Brand, 44% vol., Scheibel

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700 ml bottle   € 100,38 *
(€ 143,40 / l)

The series Alte Zeit contains the top products of the distillery Scheibel. The fires are elaborately distilled over wood fire and are characterized by a long maturation period. Unlike many other types of fruit, the Zibarten plant has remained unchanged to this day. The picking of fruits, because of the thorns, is laborious and the yield of fruit lean. Why the drudgery is worthwhile? Try it ! Amazing fragrances and aromas that contain these small fruits. A light scent of plums and anise, accompanied by aromas such as peppermint and lemon balm. Later, marzipan notes and light herbal aromas appear.

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