Old time Wild Raspberries Brand, 41% vol., Scheibel - 700 ml - bottle

Old time Wild Raspberries Brand, 41% vol., Scheibel

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700 ml bottle   € 134,18 *
(€ 191,69 / l)

The Alte Zeit series includes the top products of the Scheibel distillery. The fires are elaborately distilled over wood fire and are characterized by a long maturation period. Small, very aromatic wild raspberries are collected in the highlands of the Carpathians. The great effort of collectors is worthwhile, because these wild fruits exude a perfume-like scent and give the fire a huge aroma. A light passion fruit note, merging into a strong, raspberry-toned body. A touch of vanilla and peach. Broad aftertaste of ginger and fresh raspberries. Liquid berries in the glass.

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