Old time Wild Bergkisch fire, 44% vol., Scheibel - 700 ml - bottle

Old time Wild Bergkisch fire, 44% vol., Scheibel

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700 ml bottle   € 94,22 *
(€ 134,60 / l)

The Alte Zeit series includes the top products of the Scheibel distillery. The fires are elaborately distilled over wood fire and are characterized by a long maturation period. In contrast to the cherries, the mountain cherries are small, almost black. They stay on the tree for a long time and thus store all kinds of aromatic and mineral substances. A delicate wild cherry aroma welcomes you, surrounded by a subtle almond note. Far away you think you recognize roses. The fragrance has a slightly sweetish component, which continues in the taste. A quartet of cherry, almond, dark chocolate and minerals enchant the connoisseur.

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