Old time Acher Kirsch Brand, 56.0% vol., Scheibel - 700 ml - bottle

Old time Acher Kirsch Brand, 56.0% vol., Scheibel

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700 ml bottle   € 102,41 *
(€ 146,30 / l)

The Alte Zeit series includes the top products of the Scheibel distillery. The fires are elaborately distilled over wood fire and are characterized by a long maturation period. In Achertal grow these small sweet cherries. Scheibel leaves them by the tree until midsummer to take advantage of the last rays of sunshine and bring the fruits to maturity. At least ten years stored in demijohns. A powerful, sweet cherry flavor makes the beginning, followed by a gentle hint of vanilla, cinnamon and cloves. A light veil of marzipan and mens chocolate gives the whole thing a mysterious exotic touch.

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