Kala Namak salt, granules 2-5mm - 1 kg - bag

Kala Namak salt, granules 2-5mm

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1 kg bag   € 6,45 *
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Simply put, Kala Namak is the product of liquid Himalayan salt that is mixed with the foxtail plant Salsola stocksii. This type of plant can be found on salty soils and limestone hills mainly in Pakistan and India and has been a kind of folk remedy there for generations. The Kala Namak or black salt gives dishes a sulphurous taste. This is particularly desirable for fruit salads, chutneys, chaats or the popular raitas. Particularly recommended with vegetables and exotic fruits, but also with fish. The fruit also gives fruit juice drinks or long drinks an extraordinary taste. For vegans, black salt is particularly valued at the table for its egg-like taste.

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