NORDUR, sea salt flakes from Iceland - 250 g - box

NORDUR, sea salt flakes from Iceland

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250 g box   € 6,20 *
(€ 2,48 / 100 g)
PU-purchase 12 x 250 g box to each   € 6,01 *
item number: 25540
850 g Pe-bucket   € 16,70 *
(€ 19,65 / kg)
PU-purchase 6 x 850 g Pe-bucket to each   € 16,20 *

This crispy sea salt for gourmets is obtained through a unique geothermal production method, first tested in 1753 and since then applied and carefully looked after in Iceland and Denmark. The seawater in the Breidafjördur (fjord in the west of Iceland) has a unique, intense note. During production, it is passed into boiling pans and slowly heated with hot water from natural sources. This process is sustainable and does not cause carbon dioxide. The result is a pure product - the fresh, crispy sea salt flakes from Nordur. Nordur and Co. is located on the small island Karlsey within the fabulous Breidafjördur. Its riparian landscape offers a spectacular panorama with shallow waters, small tributaries and countless reefs. Due to its high biodiversity and dense underwater forests, it is often referred to as the Eldorado of the North. The clear water has served the Icelanders for 1000 years as a pantry.

250 g box
850 g Pe-bucket
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NORDUR, sea salt flakes from Iceland - 250 g - boxNORDUR, sea salt flakes from Iceland - 850 g - Pe-bucketNORDUR, sea salt flakes from Iceland - 850 g - Pe-bucket