Chili Ancho, ground, 2 TSD Scoville Units, USA - 500 g - Pe-bucket

Chili Ancho, ground, 2 TSD Scoville Units, USA

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500 g Pe-bucket   € 29,74 *
(€ 59,48 / kg)
PU-purchase 10 x 500 g Pe-bucket to each   € 28,85 *
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Chili Ancho are dried poblano pods. The ripe red-brown pods are rather mild with 2,000 scoville units. The dark brown powder of this chili is sweet and fruity and the aroma is reminiscent of prunes, raisins and tobacco. Ancho is the basis for many Mexican sauces or BBQ spice blends. To be used in moles and chili con carne. Try this chilli powder also in dark, sweet and sour sauces.

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