Kaltenthaler Williams Christ pears brandy, 42% vol. - 500 ml - bottle

Kaltenthaler Williams Christ pears brandy, 42% vol.

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500 ml bottle   € 23,01 *
(€ 46,02 / l)
PU-purchase 6 x 500 ml bottle to each   € 22,32 *

A clear thing, a Williams as you wish it, mild and aromatic. The fragrance of the ripe Williams Christ pear is the fruit of honor. In the heart of the largest German wine-growing region, the Kaltenthaler family has been cultivating fruit and vines for more than 200 years. In recent decades, a branch of industry has specialized in the production of noble fires and has worked its way up to the absolute top ten distilleries in Rhineland-Palatinate within two generations. In 2001 and 2009, for example, they were awarded the State Honorary Award of the Chamber of Agriculture and won many national awards.

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