Fleur de Sel, Trikalinos, Greece - 500 g - Glass

Fleur de Sel, Trikalinos, Greece

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500 g Glass   € 26,86 *
(€ 53,72 / kg)
Last date of minimum durability: 31.7.2022    Up to Ø 857 days from date of shipment.  ?

Fleur de Sel (the flower of salt) is the purest of all salts. Trikalinos Fleur de Sel is sun-dried and harvested using only traditional methods in the famous Salninen at the Etoliko-Messolongi Lagoon in Greece. As a 100% natural salt, it is untreated and free of additives. The fresh, light-white salt is always a bit damp. The fine salt crystals highlight the flavors of all dishes when finishing or seasoning at table wonderful, without being obtrusive.

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