Sparkys (bang shower), natural, Texturas Ferran Adria - 210 g - aroma box

Sparkys (bang shower), natural, Texturas Ferran Adria

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210 g aroma box   € 42,76 *
(€ 20,36 / 100 g)
PU-purchase 24 x 210 g aroma box to each   € 41,48 *
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Sparkys are small pieces of caramel that explode when they come in contact with moisture. They are suitable for sprinkling and decorating ice cream, mousse, desserts or for chocolate fillings. With a slightly fruity taste, they offer a tingling, hissing effervescent effect and a unique, crispy, crackling texture. The layer to be sprinkled should not be too fluid, otherwise Sparkys would react immediately.

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