Quince Brandy, 41.5% vol., Reisetbauer - 350 ml - Bottle

Quince Brandy, 41.5% vol., Reisetbauer

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350 ml Bottle   € 88,32 *
(€ 252,34 / l)
PU-purchase 6 x 350 ml Bottle to each   € 85,67 *

Quince: Sweet, spicy nose, some vanilla, delicate menthol spicy, subtle fruit typicality, piquant lemony on the palate, presents the variety character full-bodied and charming with pronounced fruit sweetness. The estate of the Reisetbauer family in the Austrian town of Hausruckviertel lies in one of the most outstanding fruit growing regions. Great care is taken in the care of the orchards. Perfect fruit quality is indispensable basis for high quality distillates. Rigorous yield limitation, a harvest in numerous picking cycles and a double-firing process for an exceptionally high flavor yield, are the credo of the multi-award winning distillers. The addition of sugar or flavor rejects Hans Reisetbauer basically and without restriction.

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