Weingut Sighardt Donabaum - growing region Wachau

  • Winery Sighardt Donabaum - Wachau

    Sighardt Donabaum, in his early years, developed his hunting instinct for genuine enjoyment and genuine quality, between wanderlust and domestic affinity, foresters and winemakers. The Wachau World Cultural Heritage Region is one of the most beautiful wine-growing regions in the world. Averages of the Donaustrome produce unique natural conditions of great international wines and authentic enjoyment experiences.

    Weathered old stone floors on the terraces, which are covered with small pebbles and pass into light, sandy soils, give land and wine their character. The whole-grained processing and the spontaneous fermentation by natural yeast ensure slow maturation and complete naturalness. The lowest possible mechanization ensures the gentle pressing of the grape grouse.

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