Confetti / jellies / dragees

  • Colorful Dolci and Confetti

    William Di Carlo, Abruzzo

    Sugar-coated almonds from Avola for every family occasion: wedding, girl or boy baptism, mixed and flavored with rum, simply for pleasure. That uritalienische sweet moments, even those with black cherries. Original from Salmona, the Confetti capital of Abruzzo.

  • Colorful Dolci and Confetti

    Antica Torroneria Piemontese, Piedmont

    La Purezza: whole hazelnuts, even in chocolate with sprinkles, but then only with sugar crust - like roasted almonds for fair, only better.

  • dragees

    Les Anis de Flavigny, Flavigny

    In Burgundy, this refined coated tablets are prepared in an old abbey in the 16th century. Doses imagery tells the love story between a shepherd and a girl that ends well with the orange variant and with the lemon draufsetzt even 2 children.

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