Weingut Tesch - Nahe region

Weingut Tesch - Nahe region Weingut Tesch is based in the German region Near.
Weingut Tesch - Nahe region

Weingut Tesch is based in the German region Near.

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    Nahe region in Germany

    TESCH has shown that we can successfully break new ground with an old winery. The selection is small, firm and clear. All TESCH wines are distinctive and dry. It can only be grown three different varieties: Riesling, late and White Burgundy. All bottles are fitted with quick turn fasteners. And the design has caused a stir. Environmentally friendly viticulture, elaborate care of the vineyards and harvest of grapes for the winery wines by hand are for TESCH a Selbstverständlichkeit.Die basis is the 1-liter class with a red and two white wines. This ever-popular street songs give a first impression of the work of the winery.

    Very well known are the concept of wines TESCH. Riesling Unplugged, a wine against the mechanization and Versüßlichung of Riesling, has become a classic. Deep Blue, a complex white wine from the pinot noir grape has also achieved cult status. Usually only in the summer the popular Pinot Noir Rose is offered.

    At the top of the collection are the Rieslings from the individual layers. The best wines of the estate are in brightly colored. Each color represents a different floor. No other grape variety forms the base so well in the wine from as Riesling. The Russet the Carthusian refers to the Rotliegenden ground, the orange of the St. Remigius mountain to its volcanic origin. The lush green of Löhrer mountain represents the fertile moisture in this position, while the bright yellow sun is a farblicher regard to the drought in the crown. Rounding out this dazzling array of character-Rieslings with the blue king shield. Equally varied as the soils are the wines. And it is a pleasure to erschmecken these differences.

  • Weingut Tesch - Riesling / Pinot Noir

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