Olive oil from Frantoi Cutrera

Awarded olive oil from Sicily, Italy

Olive oil from Frantoi Cutrera
  • Frantoi Cutrera

    Awarded olive oil from Sicily, Italy

    In the south of Sicily, in the Monti Iblei area around Chiaramonte Gulfi, growing the autochthonous olive variety Tonda Iblea, known for its fresh flavors of tomatoes. Since 1906, family Cutrera cultivated olive trees there. But only in 1979 built the current senior boss Giovanni the first mill to process their own fruit. She served until now traditionally large millstones and the mass is pressed by mats. 20 years later, the family decided to build another mill and continuously updated technology.

    As part of this, and a growing pride in the quality of domestic olive oil, began Cutreras and other producers in the region to get involved even beyond national borders. The distribution of Sicilian olive oils and their quality are therefore thrust her not so long. The move has paid off. The oils of Frantoi Cutrera, which is by now managed by the children Giovanni obtained annually highest international awards.

    On the 50 hectares of Azienda Agricola no longer grow only Tonda Iblea, the family has grown in recent years and Nocellara Moresca and provides aromatic cuvées together. The issue of Ecology has been taken. Two organic oils and continuously improve the technology to sustainably, the result is.

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  • Frantoi Cutrera olive Italy

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  • Olive oils from Frantoi Cutrera

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  • Frantoi Cutrera Olive Oil Italy

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  • Frantoi Cutrera manufacturing process

    The harvest is carried out exclusively by hand, since the olive tree has very delicate fruits and is not damaged before pressing.
    These procedures have been repeated in the same way for centuries and passed on to the new generation.
    The strength of the Frantoi Cutrera is the variety of the three extraction lines, with which you can adapt the extraction technique to the variety and the degree of ripeness of the olives, whereby you always receive intense and balanced fruity oils. The olives are processed in the company mills within 6 hours of collection. All processing operations are carried out with the greatest care and strictly cold extraction. Frantoi Cutrera only uses machines from the Pieralisi Group, which is the world leader in the construction of oil machines.
    All by-products from processing are used as organic fertilizers for organic farming.

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