Grill cleaner Fireglass, with spray head - 750 ml - Pe-bottle

Grill cleaner Fireglass, with spray head

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750 ml Pe-bottle   € 13,85 *
(€ 18,47 / l)
PU-purchase 12 x 750 ml Pe-bottle to each   € 13,43 *

FIREGLASS is a decolorizer for barbecues, hot stones, barbecues and ceramic glass panes of fen, stoves and fireplaces. It works directly and directly. Specific product with high cleaning power for soy and carbonaceous residues, as well as a good solubility of vegetable and animal fats. GLASS DISCS MUST BE COLD OR LAUWARM !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please use only with gloves and always diluted.

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