Sosa Crispy - banana, freeze-dried - 250 g - Pe-dose

Sosa Crispy - banana, freeze-dried

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250 g Pe-dose   € 29,34 *
(€ 11,74 / 100 g)
PU-purchase 6 x 250 g Pe-dose to each   € 28,46 *
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The freeze drying perfectly preserves the banana aroma in these pieces (2-8mm). Sosa has been known in Spain for several generations for its high-quality patisserie products. Their assortment includes excellent nut slices, freeze-dried fruits and fruit powder, flavoring oils, powdered milk products, basic ice and sorbet bases, but also texturizers for the molecular gastronomy. Sosa products are used in almost all top restaurants and patisseries in Spain, and the company supports and promotes the prestigious Espissucci school in Barcelona.

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