Sucre Emul (sugar esters), Sosa, E473 - 500 g - Tin

Sucre Emul (sugar esters), Sosa, E473

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500 g Tin   € 69,04 *
(€ 138,08 / kg)
PU-purchase 6 x 500 g Tin to each   € 66,97 *
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Sucre Emul is an emulsifier which is derived from sucrose and sugar esters produced by a special connection between the sucrose and fatty acids. Based on the high stability of this emulsifier is used to bind oil with aqueous solutions. Sucro is similar to water and must first be dissolved in water. This emulsifier also has ventilating properties and enables the production of airy textures. Properties: Powdered, insoluble in fat. Cold soluble in water, soluble in faster heat. Then the fatty medium when tight slowly.

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