Metil (methyl cellulose), Texturas Ferran Adria, E 461 - 300 g - can

Metil (methyl cellulose), Texturas Ferran Adria, E 461

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300 g can   € 55,06 *
(€ 183,53 / kg)
PU-purchase 24 x 300 g can to each   € 53,41 *
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This gelling agent is extracted from vegetable cellulose. Unlike the other gelling agents, Metil gels hot food. Methylcelluloses have a large viscosity range, which determines the final gelling result. Metil is a reliable gelling agent with great gelling power. Properties: Refined powder. Mix cold, stir vigorously and cool to 4 ° C to allow the water to attach to the cellulose. Then choose a temperature between 40Â ° C and 60Â ° C. When the product cools, it loses its gelling ability and liquefies.

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