Kappa (K-carrageenan), Texturas Ferran Adria, E 407 - 400 g - can

Kappa (K-carrageenan), Texturas Ferran Adria, E 407

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400 g can   € 68,66 *
(€ 171,65 / kg)
PU-purchase 24 x 400 g can to each   € 66,60 *
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Is a gelling agent that, like the other carrageenans, is derived from a red algae species. Originally, the name Carrageen comes from Ireland, where this alga has been used for more than 600 years. Kappa allows gels with a stable and brittle texture. Properties: Refined powder. When cold, mix with ingredients and bring to a boil. The rapid gelation allows the coating and encasing of ingredients. Once gelled, a preparation with kappa remains heat stable up to 60 ° C. In acidic solutions, Kappa loses some of its gelling ability.

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