Felchen caviar, Germany, TK - 200 g - Glass

Felchen caviar, Germany, TK

frozen product -18 ° C
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Whitefish belong to the salmonid family, which also includes the similar-looking trout. The names of both fish are derived from the Old High German forhana = trout. Originally, whitefish appeared in the Siberian streams and in Alpine lakes. In Lake Constance the whitefish has been living since the beginning of the 20th century. At that time, they were used from other lakes in Lake Constance. Meanwhile, Lake Constance is the most important area for whitefish fishing. The roe is orange, fine-grained and firm in the bite. Mildly salted and nutty in flavor. Also ideal for California Sushi Rolls.

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Felchen caviar, Germany, TK - 200 g - GlassFelchen caviar, Germany, TK - 200 g - Glass